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GotoIfTime() - Performs a conditional transition based on time and day.

GotoIfTime(time, days of the week, days of the month,months?label)

Performs a queue or number transition if the time matches the time specified in the condition.

Each element can be defined either as * (for all cases) or as a range.

The application's arguments:
time - time Ranges in 24-hour format.
days of the week - days of the week (mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun).
days of the month - Days of the month (1-31).
months - Months (jan, feb, mar, apr, etc.).


beginning of call forwarding

; March 2 from 17: 30 to 21 :00 from queue 2 to queue 1
;; same => n, GotoIfTime(17:30-21:00|*|2|Mar?queue 1, C, 1)

; 21 October from queue 1 to queue 2
; same => n, GotoIfTime (*|*|21| oct?ochered2,s,1)

; November 24th from queue 1 to queue 2
; same => n, GotoIfTime (*|*|24| nov?ochered2,s,1)

switching days of the week every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
same => n,GotoIfTime(*|Thu&thu&fri|*|*?ochered1, s,1)

; end of call forwarding

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