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Useful SOFTWARE used by me, something I use every day.something sometimes. And something only found and can not pass by and not advise a great product. No wonder one time actively promoted all the well-known browser Opera(Classic). Old archives to study until ever, there are many useful utilities and programmes :). As the demand will delight you with new products from the series "antiquities" and still work :)

I've been going to write for a long time, but somehow I can't get my hands on it. PDF is the de facto standard for any documentation, if we want documents to be the same without distortion on any platform and guaranteed to open, then PDF is the best choice. You can already save in PDF format from any application, you can often see the built-in "printer" in the operating system that saves everything you want in PDF. But it has a downside, this is editing, as soon as we need to correct something, then we have to prepare a round sum for the editor.

I want to tell you a couple of clever ways in which you can edit a PDF with varying degrees of difficulty. Free programs for home use can help out a lot.

It's the end of the year and everyone is taking stock. I will not be very original and just tell you about a small but useful program. It will be useful to all those who at least once thought about what.

  1. You need to see the seconds in the clock;
  2. We need to know what time it is in UTC.

Alpha Clock is a useful lightweight watch

Precisely for decisions these 2kh issues I have and emerged reality a remarkable utility. Unfortunately, the original site is no longer there, so I put it from the archive in my collection.

  1. The program is very small memory eats little;
  2. Allows you to move the clock around the desktop and "sticks" to the edges;
  3. No installation required;
  4. Supported the startup.

Perfectly replaces any widgets, as it consumes a minimum of resources. The program is not fresh in 2002, which largely explains its minimal resource consumption:).

 download link

Suddenly found out that just a great missing just wonderful and very convenient Sip client for Android, it just works despite the fact that for 5 years is not updated. And you probably already noticed that I love programs written long ago and well. So this is the same program, it just works and performs its functions perfectly. CSipSimple it is still possible to find outside Google Play so I decided that it is better for me to keep everything fresh and accessible. I will not tell you how to configure it, if you are looking for it and so you know how to do it:).

Traditionally, the link to Yandex disk. Download CSipSimple and plugins.


Various tools for viewing, listening, audio and video content, as well as various processing tools.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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