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I've been going to write for a long time, but somehow I can't get my hands on it. PDF is the de facto standard for any documentation, if we want documents to be the same without distortion on any platform and guaranteed to open, then PDF is the best choice. You can already save in PDF format from any application, you can often see the built-in "printer" in the operating system that saves everything you want in PDF. But it has a downside, this is editing, as soon as we need to correct something, then we have to prepare a round sum for the editor.

I want to tell you a couple of clever ways in which you can edit a PDF with varying degrees of difficulty. Free programs for home use can help out a lot.

1) we need to save 1 page or more of the PDF.

Now I know two ways, beautiful and simple.

1.1) I already told you about STDU Viewer in the note How to open .epub file and many others from the same program one of the side effects , you can export any page to a doc file or jpeg\png\gof\bmp image. I use only images, since there is no text recognition , and the output is obtained in doc format does not suit me at all.

STDU Viewer export menu

1.2) also not so long ago I told you about the program for scanning NAPS2 in the note Program for scanning NAPS2 so, it can perfectly import PDF files and split them into pages. Unlike STDU Viewer, we can save the result to your taste in pictures or separate PDF pages in any combination and do it all in a couple of clicks.

installing a plugin for importing PDF files

2) editing is a bit more difficult , here we will have to suffer or fork out. This is the way, only for the strong in spirit. I have been using LibreOffice for This for a long time , I tried it for the sake of experiment and it turned out that you can make edits using this office Suite. About it , I also told you in the note And you will install an office for me?

PS. I still have a "karmic duty" to write how to solve the problem in the case when the plugin for the NAPS2 program does not swing, I have already decided this too. This occurs in closed networks behind PROXY servers.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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