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Repeatedly already wrote. I like simple small and multi-functional programs. I've been in the industry since the days when you had something to carry on the disks. The programs were small, they took even less resources and since then I have developed a requirement. A minimum of resources to maximum quality and functionality. Podcherknu that quality, just the processor which all can make, there needs to be a balance.

Today we will answer the question. Than open format .epub (e-book format) my choice long ago fell on the STDU Viewer. You can download it here on the official website. More details about its functionality and why it will be discussed further.

In addition to this format, the program supports a dozen more. Me she at one time was chosen as an alternative to Adobe Reader. which eats up a lot of resources and performs only one function. In addition, it is a great export of any document in the image, it is a very useful feature when you come to a sheet of a dozen pages, and you need only one.

.tiff .pdf .djvu .xps .cbz .cbr .jbig2 .jb2 .fb2 .fb2.zip .txt .tcr .pcx .dcx .wwf .pdb .mobi .azw .epub - list is quite impressive. Support for tabs, the ability to remember open documents. A small handy program, I recommend to try for most formats.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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