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They desperately wanted this material, but because of the constant Affairs and disease, only now able to get. Today I want to share with you their wand wand. Which really helps me cope with all the "shoals" of Microsoft and the consequences of marketing mistakes, it does not matter, but somehow or other have part of the update to remove. What I wrote about it under the tag fixupdate . And here is my wand wand, for those who do not want to remove manually :) the updates (Several ways to delete Windows updates).

Long time ago I even created the file and am still, because I just enable auto update and forget about problems does not work. This is my hand .bat file keeps growing and growing. I threw and make descriptions of what a particular update is removed something from the transition to Windows 10, something can "shoot up" and cause BlueScreen. Well I've been crucified and is crucified, catch file.

Before starting I recommend to cancel the automatic installation of updates and reboot. Then run the file with administrator rights. Is right click of the mouse and select the menu item "run as Administrator". During the first reboot, the system will be long off and long turns, be patient, it may seem that everything is frozen.

File traditionally posted here.
I wonder if an operational upgrade considering the option to put it in any repository.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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