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Wuauclt.exe — Keys (command line Parameters) and secrets of use. Often, it is necessary to push the WSUS agent to check for available updates and install. Use simple command wuauclt /detectnow But apart from that, this utility has many other applications and the relevant command-line options.

Let's consider them:

  • /DetectNow - To run an immediate poll of the WSUS server for updates
  • /resetAuthorization - To reset the authorization on the server and the client. In fact, it is a new registration on the WSUS server. Useful when the client podglyukivaet, deleting it on the server and the command wuauclt /detectnow /resetAuthorization re-registered on the server with simultaneous request for list of updates
  • /reportnow To reset the statistics on the server the Other parameters are not so obvious and, most importantly, their application is not clear and usually causes no change
  • /RunHandlerComServer - unknown
  • /RunStoreAsComServer - unknown
  • /ShowSettingsDialog - Displays the dialog to set the schedule for the installation of the updates
  • /ResetEulas - to reset the EULA for updates
  • /ShowWU - go to website of MS updates
  • /ShowWindowsUpdate - go to website of MS updates
  • /SelfUpdateManaged - unknown
  • /SelfUpdateUnmanaged - unknown
  • /UpdateNow - Immediately starts the update process, clicking the same button in the notification window when updates are available
  • /ShowWUAutoScan - unknown
  • /ShowFeaturedUpdates - unknown
  • /ShowOptions - unknown
  • /ShowFeaturedOptInDialog - unknown
  • /DemoUI - Show icon in tray - settings dialog schedule the installation of updates or setup, depending on the status 

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