Whatever you do, you do at your own risk. I can only recommend and do not claim 100% of the solution much depends on your environment and other settings. I can not guess. Addition of materials and fixing bugs is welcomed

Only the lazy did not write about the viral attack WannaCry. I am lazy, but besides the dry statistics about the attack and reports released updates, find what I need to install to close the hole is exhausting. No one just writes that the company Microsoftt has released an update for those that. for those that it has to do extra movements and system that accelerates the installation of updates.

And so begin, here's a little recipe that I need to take to you were not attacked.

First, do not open suspicious emails, do not walk on suspicious links.

Second, install antivirus, Yes, corny, but true unfortunately.

Third, are updated.

Here on the third point and take a walk. :)

Be sure to check out the blog of Microsoft and install a fresh update of this article, well as fresh, the March (like cats), but now the yard may.
Then if you have a system from the list of not supported, it should go certainly in a fresh note on XP, 2003 server and so on, here we will have a series of patches kb4012598, which once stood carriers and some "businesses", has been urgently released by Microsoft. I put all the latest patches from may 12, 2017, especially had to suffer with WindowsXP 86x Rus.
or have a desire to download from the Download Directory Microsoft.

If you helped the article or information was useful. Gratitude should not know borders

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